East Kalimantan (or ‘Kalimantan Timur‘ in bahasa –Kaltim in short-) is huge, and its jungles are tremendously vast, with those wide rivers still acted as the main transportation today.  As the largest province on Borneo, covering more than 200,000 sq km and occupying from north to south part of eastern portion of the island. Here lies one of the richest municipal, the Kutai Kartanegara (formerly a sultanate), home of exotic dayak living heritage as well as many national parks, wild rivers, and unexplored tropical forest, not to mention diving paradise -for the province boasts about its richness in sea corrals and underwater biosphere-.

Consist of  10 municipals and 4 cities, the capital city remains in Samarinda, although its neighboring town of Balikpapan is where the oil industry bloomed and is currently where Sepinggan Airport is located.

The Capitol is not as impressive as what a wealthiest province should have one.

The East Kalimantan Province Capitol in Samarinda (capital city)

With two indegenous groups : the Dayaks and the coastal Malays (Banjar, Bulungan, Kutai etc), East Kalimantan people are always proud of their heritage.  It’s clearly shown in the ‘Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah Kalimantan Timur’ building or ‘Gedung DPRD’ -legislative office- where its shape are reminiscent of typical Dayak’s longhouse rumah betang and carved shield ‘ukir Dayak’ on-front it. (below)

The province is too wide, and inspiration of splitting it into smaller provinces has been voiced ever since, with probable seclusion of northern part (where it borders with Sabah) and centralized in Nunukan as its capital.  According to the “Jakarta Post” of 22 July 2004, there is a proposal to create a new province of North Kalimantan (Kalimantan Utara).  It would be split from East Kalimantan (Kalimantan Timur) by taking the regencies (kabupaten) of Bulungan, Malinau and Nunukan, and the city (kotamadya) of Tarakan. Since that date, a new regency (Tana Tidung Regency) has been created in 2007 out of part of Bulungan Regency, so this would also fall within this putative North Kalimantan Province.

East Kalimantan Province Fast Fact

Borneo/Kalimantan Island, CLICK HERE


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